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Making My Future Real

If you have been following my moving saga from Virginia to Florida in these past newsletters, then you know I have made it!

It was only with the help of friends and parishioners that we were able to load everything up into a Pod AND a 20-ft. truck, and again, help was here at this end to unload both - thank goodness! There are not enough ways to say "thank you" to all those who gave us a hand!

So now it is almost a month later and I am still struggling to empty and put away the things inside the boxes and bins. I judge that a younger version of myself would have whizzed through and gotten all this stuff out away. (Really??) It is hard work finding homes for everything!

We finally got all the boxes out of the carport.....and pulled down the shades on the porch and stacked the boxes in there. They were an eyesore and I cringed every time I had to go outside or drive by.

We're known here as "the people with all the boxes in the driveway." And there are bets being parried about wondering whether we'll be able to get it all put away. Personally I am having difficulty finding the humor when the sweat is dripping off me and I realize I have only unpacked 3 boxes and have another hundred staring at me!

It feels very overwhelming! It would have been more useful to sort and purge more before we left....however we now get to do it on this end. I have made friends with the attendant at the a Goodwill kiosk in the Mall parking lot as I meet up with him most days. I have dropped off stuff for flea market sales and taken things to the dump. (It is still not enough!!)

I am enjoying the snippets of beach and pool and want to take advantage of other things offered in the area but the critic inside is demanding that my work be done first!! "No playing until your room is clean!" (Where have I heard that before?)

And so here I am, perched on the cusp of making the rest of my future real....just as soon as I can get to the bottom of that dreaded downsizing!!