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What Does Adventure Mean to you?

Do you instantly think of a safari or zip-lining through the rain forest or swimming with the dolphins?

Do you look at your own everyday life as rather plain and boring without much adventure to speak of?

In her book, The Artists Way, Julia Cameron encourages a weekly outing, a mini-adventure, if you will, to step out of the everyday and into the presence of what we find on the outing.

To define adventure for myself I’d say it means to step over to the other side of my comfort zone and beyond the “same old, same old” of everyday living. Something different and out of the ordinary.

Personally, I also associate play with adventure. Possibly this is because I’m in a different environment and I feel free to try some new things.

I’m traveling AGAIN this month. I know, I know, I can just hear you saying “but you just were in Jamaica last month and you have a whole house to pack up, what are you thinking?!!” And yes, all of that is true but we booked this cruise to the Caribbean a year ago in March - you remember last March - when I was writing about the great Martha Beck Coach Summit that was happening in San Diego. How could I have known last March that I’d be packing up my whole life just one year later????

So, it’s off to the Caribbean we go. To play...to rest...to unknown adventures and time to write...and time together. Time to to regroup, rest and get back the energy to step back into the “same old, same old” and make those hard decisions on behalf of our future but with fresh eyes.