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"All You Need is Love"

Have you noticed that "Valentine-type love" is all around?

It's in all the newspapers and magazines we pick up to read and on the TV ads for roses and romantic dinners for two and in the stores for a big boxes of chocolates. All so-called symbols of our love.

If we give these gifts to our loved ones then they will know that we love them, right?

Why can't every day be like Valentine's Day?

Why do we have to spend money when we can make our love evident every day? (A question I ask myself every year at this time.)

Can I learn to change my perspective so that I begin to see and understand the "love" that is put into the little things that are done for me on a daily basis?

Like when my husband scrubs the pots for me or plants lavender in my garden because he knows I love the smell or how he encourages me when I am feeling overwhelmed or how he bursts with joy when he sees me using the potential he always knew I had.

When I look at these moments as snippets of love I understand just how much I am loved and no box of chocolate can hold a candle to that!