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It’s easy to begin Life Coaching by scheduling a free 15-minute phone consultation with me where we can identify your goals. We can also determine if we are a good fit and if it is mutually agreeable then we can setup a one-on-one session in person or over the phone to work toward your goals together. There are small group sessions available as well, so if you are interested please send a message to my assistant Sally, right here.

Success Coaching

Are you feeling stuck? Are you having difficulty reaching your goals? I will help you discover strategies to take control of your academic, personal, and professional success.

Transition Coaching

In Transition Coaching, you will learn how to work through change to reach your dreams and goals with the help of your own personal life coach who will help guide you through the uncertain areas to the path where your real passion lies.

Creativity Coaching

What hidden dreams, gifts and talents have you been hiding all these years? How do you know what you really yearn for in life?

Spiritual Coaching

We are all on a journey in life to find the right path and to uncover our life’s purpose.

Empowerment Coaching

Experiencing a lack of self-confidence that may be holding you back from setting and reaching your goals?

Entrepreneurial Coaching

Ever have a dream about starting your own business or have your own business but get bogged down with all the pieces?

Have a question? We have a list of frequently asked questions and answers. Click a question below to view the answer.

Life Coaching is a relationship between a client and a coach that clarifies and validates for the client the areas in their life that need assistance and guidance. A life coach serves as a catalyst to begin and continue the process of exploration and clarity.

If you are desiring a change (big or small!) unhappy, confused, overwhelmed, feeling stuck, or just need a good kick in the “you know what” to get moving again.

You will be guided to discover the life you are meant to live and develop a personalized plan to live it out in extraordinary ways! As your coach, I will help you focus, inspire, motivate, educate, and hold you accountable for your goals.

We will use a variety of methods, tools, exercises and experiences, to uncover and get clarity on who you are, what you value, and the belief systems that hold you back from what you want and a life you really love.

Typically I coach people who have had dreams of what they wanted their life to be but were never quite able to make those dreams a reality.

Age, gender and distance are not a factor, but a strong desire to work toward making your future reality is a key indicator for a successful Coach/Client relationship.

An open mind, hard work, patience and persistence.

Attract what you want & use Law of Attraction principles
Find your passion and purpose
An organized, manageable and simpler life
A career you love
Loving & fulfilling relationships
Your best body and health
Less stress and more peace
Ability to make good, quick decisions

Confidentiality means that what you are doing, how you are doing, what you have accomplished, and personal issues discussed in a session are not discussed with anyone else. Client lists are confidential. People may know you are working with a coach, but that information would not come from me.

Session rates vary. Individual, group and packages rates available. Contact me to discuss.